We need to talk about the Denver Nuggets...

The Nuggets are 2-2 in the Disney Bubble era and have looked impressive in three outings despite missing three or four starters each night. For those who may have been living under a rock for the last few weeks...something is happening with the Denver Nuggets and it's big.

President of Basketball Operations, Tim Connelly has put together a team that is not just intensely talented, but also young and just hitting its stride.

Jokic, Murray, Mudiay, Michael Porter Jr....

Okay, it's almost all been golden in the last few years of his tenure and his brilliance in picking up MPJ as well as Bol Bol after they each dropped in the draft due to injury concerns is nothing short of brilliant - Or so it appears so far. 

Porter Jr. has lit the NBA on fire over the past three games and looks like he could truly become the superstar that many expected before his back injury in college. He can hit every shot, looks big and smooth and maybe most importantly of all, he works perfectly with Nikola Jokic. 

Porter Jr. is moving off the ball, working the boards and slowly settling into his role on defense and already, he and the Joker seem to have a great connection. Dare we say, he has looked like a superstar?

The Denver Nuggets ran out a B squad against a talented and desperate Portland team and looked like they might pull off a win and though it ended in a loss, Denver fans around the world have to be drooling with the idea of what could be.

Murray, Harris, MPJ, Milsap and Jokic as a starting 5 with Barton, Plumlee and Grant off the bench is a team that could really make some noise in the playoffs. Yes, obviously they have to get healthy but when they get things right, this lineup is just ridiculous. Murray and Porter cutting off the ball and running pick and roll with Jokic could make even the vaunted L.A Clipper defense want to break quarantine and run home to mama!

This time in the bubble has felt simultaneously like the teams are just warming up in preseason while also playing with a postseason intensity - and it's brilliant. 

With what we have seen from MPJ, it just might be time to sell the farm and bet on the Nuggs reaching at least the semi-finals in this wonky 2020 NBA season. 

Can't wait!


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