How is Vic Fangio preparing for Year Two?

The Pennsylvania native is preparing to take charge of the Broncos in his second year as Head Coach.

The world will look a very different place for Vic Fangio and his Broncos as they prepare to take on year two as a unit. Mile High Stadium may be empty, but the energy and excitement surrounding the Broncos will remain the same – intense, passionate and unwavering support is the mantra for Broncos Country .

Vic Fangio, who is entering his second year with the team and his second as a Head Coach, spent most of his career as a defensive coordinator across several teams before being appointed as the lead man in Denver. With the NFL schedule being turned on its head due to Covid-19 the tasks ahead of Fangio this year will be trickier than any other season he has coached in.

So, what sort of team can Broncos fans expect to see this season? Fangio, a defensive coach by trade, will be working hard to sure up the Denver defense in a division where they face Patrick Mahomes twice a year. Obviously he will want to improve on last season’s 7-9 record and this year he will have Drew Lock for all 16 games to try and achieve that.

Speaking to the media this week, Fangio said he is considering practicing at Mile High Stadium, to allow players to adapt to being in an NFL arena while its empty and everything that comes with that.

“We may practice a time or two at the stadium to get them adjusted to being in a big stadium, an NFL stadium, although it would be empty”

Fangio admits that it has been a struggle to prepare properly for training camp and that the logistics have sometimes been difficult to figure out. With such a young offense, it’s important that they get in as many reps as possible. No preseason means there is less time to iron out the kinks and less margin for error when the season starts. The lack of a proper training camp and no more joint practices means that all action will be watered down before we get the real deal in week one. This is one of a few issues that face NFL teams this summer as a result of the restrictions put into place because of the pandemic.

In his talk with the media Fangio also stated how training camp will be the same… but different. He said when there are 22 guys on the field, they are playing football and that’s it. No measures or restrictions, just football. However when they are off the field they will be going that extra mile to ensure social distancing is observed and that their facilities are clean and safe for use.

“The whole theory of what we’re trying to do, and I don’t think anybody’s trying to sell it any other way, is when we’re on the practice field and on the game field, we’re playing football period.”

The staff are also challenged with the difficult task of cutting and selecting personnel. With no true evaluating stage, the process becomes so much harder for those involved. Fangio stated “It’s going to be a challenge. It’ll be a challenge for the young players to learn and adapt to the game. It will be a challenge for us to make the right decisions when it comes time to select the team.”

Covid-19 has made life pretty difficult for all of us this year and the implications for the sporting world are obvious. But with the help of experts, his own knowledge as a HC and years of experience in the NFL, Vic Fangio is working harder than ever to prepare the Broncos for a season like no other.