EURockies is back! Thoughts on the season so far for the Colorado Rockies

EURockies founder Ján Jabrocký talks about his background with the team and his thoughts on the 2020 Colorado Rockies season so far.

I have been watching Colorado Rockies games since 2011 and quickly developed an interest. I could see that there was a huge growth opportunity within Europe and I decided to create EURockies in 2013. The group has been very successful and I am extremely excited to now bring the group back in the form of Colorado Europe. I look forward to speaking with Rockies fans both in Europe and around the world throughout the season.

One of the main memories that I have with the Rockies from 2011 is that they were struggling on the mound. Five seasons with the team ERA at 5.00 or more is the biggest evidence in relation to this. However, after watching the first two games of the shortened MLB season, I am more optimistic.

Both starters – German Márquez and Jon Gray have allowed only two runs in ten innings pitched. Yes, there is an argument that the new stadium in Arlington, Globe Life Field could be regarded as a pitchers park - but this viewpoint doesn't reduce the value of both Gray and Márquez's performances. If the Rockies bat was more productive, you could argue that we could have started the season with two wins. However, I am delighted that we hit the ground running in the second outing and edged out with a win after a nervy bottom of the ninth.

Personally, I am very happy with the decisions made in the off season in relation to both McGee and Shaw. In a shortened 60 game season, the Rockies need pitchers that are in peak, maximum form. Pitchers need to excel in a limited schedule to ensure that the possibility of a post-season can be found. Aldo, did you see Daniel Bard? His fastball at 99 miles per hour was one of those 'wow' moments. A guy who pitched for the first time in the Major Leagues in seven years on Saturday, certainly didn't look out of step at all. Bard has shown that he still knows how to pitch and it will be exciting to see where he can go from here.

There is still a question mark in relation to how Rockies pitchers will play in Coors Field. However, I believe that the preseason training in Denver, not in Arizona will allow the Rockies pitching to be at an appropriate level. With sixteen teams in the playoffs, you better believe I expect the Rockies to be there this year.

Thank you for your support in relation to the re-emergence of EURockies. We want to continue to build the group and we are launching our first video episode this week. A warm welcome also to our friends EU Rockies France (@FranceRockies). If you would like to contribute in either video or article form, please email us:

Ján Jabrocký


EU Rockies Founder