Colorado Sports is on FIRE

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We could be witnessing the dawning of the greatest era in Colorado sports history.

This might have been said before as our recent ancestors dreamed of multiple parades through the Mile High city but rarely before have all four major teams been simultaneously so exciting. Perhaps in the late 90's when the Avalanche and Broncos were dominating their respective sports could Colorado fans dream as big as they can now but as two of the teams were rocking the sports world, the other two were...not.

I'm no expert in hockey and I won't pretend to be but the Avs are the first seed in the playoffs, have multiple young superstars and are poised to be one of the best teams for years to come. It doesn't take a hockey nut to realize that something special is happening on the ice and that Joe Sakic has pushed through years of "almost" and might just have such a team that we haven't seen for nearly two decades in the Pepsi Center. I truly wish I was a fan of the sport and I do fully enjoy watching the highlights of Mackinnon making pros look like fools. 

The Colorado Rockies have been the team closest to my heart for the most extended amount of time. As a wee kid I charted the homers by the Blake Street Bombers and was sure to do the Bichette fist pump any time I rocked a wiffle ball over the backyard fence. Since those days, there's been much more bad than good and slowly fans have started to appreciate the bars and beer at Coors field more than the play on the diamond. That all could be changing as the Rockies have streaked to a fantastic start thanks to fantastic pitching and clutch hitting. They have two superstar offensive (and defensive) players in Arenado and Story and a really solid and young pitching staff. Even though they are in the same division as a team that can outspend them by about half a billion, the Rockies are here and they could be here to stay. 

The Denver Nuggets have been an exciting team for the last several years and we have all gotten to watch them grow around their unorthodox Center, Nikola Jokic. As the Joker has grown, so has the rest of the roster around him and a few select additions in the last drafts have set the team up to be truly competitive as well as exciting. For example, they were defeated in the playoffs by Portland last season and just a few days ago they put one heckuva scare into their new rivals while playing just four starters. FOUR. If this team can get healthy and Michael Porter Junior and Bol Bol reach even close to their true potential, the Denver Nuggets will be a perennial candidate as favorite to win the West.

The Denver Broncos are a more intriguing and a more complicated story in terms of who they are and what we should expect of them. They've recently seen great success and are one of the most storied franchises in their league - something which can't be said for the other teams on this list. The fans of the orange and blue are born with great expectations for their boys on the gridiron and anything short of the Super Bowl is considered failure. That said, seeing as the team's best QB of the past ten years aside from PFM was Tim Tebow - only kinda joking -, things can only get brighter. And brighter they might have gotten with second-year gunslinger, Drew Lock. The kid has swagger, a brilliant smile and more importantly has shown signs of being a really talented Quarterback. Will this pan out to him becoming the next Elway or Manning? Who knows. We are a long way from knowing. We can say that this defensive front seven could be the best in football, they have a good coaching staff and the offense is so packed with weapons that you may not want to draft a single one of them in fantasy football. The floor may be a bit low for the Broncos over the next few years but the ceiling is endlessly high.

The Colorado sports teams look better than ever and as the world watches, let's be sure to enjoy every second of it. 


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