Colorado Europe and Eurolanche enter content partnership

Colorado Europe is delighted to announce its partnership with 'Eurolanche', the largest Colorado Avalanche group in Europe.


The first European fan club of the Colorado Avalanche and the biggest fan project at the NHL market, Eurolanche, has announced a partnership with Colorado Europe. The newly launched platform unites European fan groups of professional teams based in the state of Colorado. Eurolanche joins Broncos Europe, Nuggets Europe and Rapids Europe. Main goals of the partnership are to start a professional coverage on all teams in various European languages, to get benefits to the fan clubs' members from the organizations and to be recognized by them as their official European fan clubs.

"We are entering the new era of European fan clubs. We are thrilled and excited to be a part of the Colorado Europe platform. Being united is nothing but the best way how to receive benefits for the European fans and establish a European-wide news coverage. European fans do not sleep a lot in the ongoing seasons, watch their favourite teams in the middle of the night and spend life-time saves in order to get to the games in person. It is time to move to another level and show the whole world there is no other such devoted and passionate group of fans like those from Colorado Europe."

Eurolanche retains its independence and will continue in organizing events like Eurolanche Invasion and providing a news coverage at its website and social media like before. Thanks to the partnership with Colorado Europe, Eurolanche will launch a weekly video-shows in English with potential expansion to other languages in the future. Eurolanche members will discuss the recent news around Colorado Avalanche with guests from both sides of the pond. Moreover, Eurolanche will work on resuming the written stories in various languages too. Finally, all new content will be shared by Eurolanche on its website and social media as well as on the Colorado Europe platform.

Eurolanche was founded in 2007 and is the oldest part of the Colorado Europe family. Broncos Europe was established three years ago and its main focus is now producing the video shows with tremendous success. Broncos Europe is in contact with the Denver Broncos organisation and famous people from around the team which makes them a leading Broncos fan project in Europe. Both Nuggets Europe and Rapids Europe fan club have been launched recently.


"As the founder of Colorado Europe, I would like to extend a special greeting to David and the rest of the Eurolanche team. As Denver sports fans, we are all in - with a shared goal. We want our teams to play well and we want to provide a platform that each team can be proud of. As one of the hosts of the English coverage for Eurolanche, I would like to make a number of points clear. I am extremely thankful to the Eurolanche team for this opportunity and I promise all of you that I will do my best to ensure that the image of Eurolanche will grow even higher with the introduction of Colorado Europe. I will work hard to produce quality content in both English and other select European languages. I have seen the work that you have all taken part in to date and it is superb. I know together in a partnership, we can reach the next level. We are all in, together."

You can visit the official Eurolanche website here.